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EDW Precision machining
We have the world-famous wire cutting brands machine which has advantage in machining various complex shapes and tiny ruled surface. So it's irreplaceable both in surface cutting accuracy and processing efficiency.
  • EDW processing workshop EDW processing workshop
  • EDW processing workshop EDW processing workshop
  • Switzerland +GF+ Mikron CUTE350 Switzerland +GF+ Mikron CUTE350
  • Japan Sodick ALN400Gs Japan Sodick ALN400Gs
  • Japan Seibu M50B Japan Seibu M50B
  • Part of the equipment Part of the equipment
  • Processing Processing
  • Processing Processing
Precision equipment list
  • Item Equipment Name Brand Model Quantity unit
    1 Vertical Machining Center Switzerland +GF+ Mikron MILL S500 1 Set
    2 Vertical Machining Center Japan TOSHIBA UVM-450C(V2)  1 Set
    3 Vertical Machining Center Japan MAKINO V22 1 Set
    4 Vertical Machining Center Germany Roders RXP 500 1 Set
    5 Vertical Machining Center China Taiwan Xiehong/Hartford MVP-13 3 Set
    6 Slow wire cutting Switzerland +GF+ Mikron CUTE350 2 Set
    7 Slow wire cutting Japan Seibu M50A 5 Set
    8 Slow wire cutting Japan Seibu M30A 1 Set
    9 Slow wire cutting Japan Sodick ALN400Gs 2 Set
    10 Discharge spark machine Japan MAKINO EDGE2 2 Set
  • Item Equipment Name Brand Model Quantity unit
    11 Discharge spark machine Japan MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC EA28V ADVANCE 2 Set
    12 Discharge spark machine Japan Sodick AD30Ls 9 Set
    13 Optical curve grinder Japan AMADA WASINO GLS-80P 3 Set
    14 Flat profile grinding machine China MICCO 350 12 Set

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